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Background and Inspiration for Writing This Blog

Updated: Sep 3, 2018

Most bloggers never make it to 1,000 posts. I created Deeply Authentic as an opportunity to buck the trend. My approach: just start, you don't have to have all figured out in advance, you'll figure it out as you go. Somewhere along the way, you might have something useful to say that will entertain and hopefully help someone. If not, you'll learn something in the process of failing.

Why the name Deeply Authentic? We live in a time where the political rhetoric includes "alternative facts" and complaints of "fake news". I wondered what would happen if we inverted this paradigm.

What if, instead of tearing others apart, we celebrated those works of art and acts of courage that tapped into our deepest desires for authenticity, generosity, and connection?

A New Kind of Labor

As I write this, it is Labor Day 2018. I spent the weekend listening to authors at the Decatur Book Festival and watching films at the Midtown Arts Cinema near my condo in Atlanta, Georgia. It occurred to me that I love nothing more than to follow my curiosities, fill my brain with new ideas, and share the insights that percolate for me with friends (hopefully in a way that gives them a new perspective or at least makes them laugh). This blog is an extension of that practice. My goal is to shine a spotlight on works of art (defined loosely) and acts of courage that are honest, raw, and/or vulnerable. I hope to leave a record of those experiences that helped me change the way I see the world and my role in it so that others who seek meaning in their lives can benefit. One down, 999 left to go.

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